Practice Areas


Our team is well acquainted with the Civil Litigation process and have assisted clients in various disputes. Our team has successfully navigated a number of claims through the legal process. We also assist clients in defence of claims brought against them.

We can assist by approaching the relevant courts (Magistrates Court, High Court and Constitutional Court)

  • Instituting applications for an order making an adjudication award an order of court, allowing the award to be judicially executed
  • Obtaining urgent interdicts
  • Instituting damage claims for losses suffered
  • Launching applications to compel or prohibit administrative action of various types
  • Challenging policy or other legislative decisions taken outside the scope of an administrator’s powers
  • Evictions applications
  • Appeals and reviews of court orders


We can assist you with any commercial disputes that might occur in your company. We can also assist you with avoiding the disputes by drafting the following agreements to protect yourself


  • Shareholder agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Sale of business
  • Sale of Shares
  • Non-Disclosures
  • Franchise Agreements


Our services cover a wide range of family issues that includes the following

  • Family Litigation
  • Proceedings related to care/custody and contact/access to minor children
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Parental Plans
  • Maintenance Proceedings
  • Legal proceedings related to domestic violence/harassment
  • Rights of unmarried fathers
  • Post-Divorce matters including child relocation and co-habitation agreements.
  • Adoption
  • Change of matrimonial property Regimes


It is our goal to minimise hardship and maximise recovery. We will do everything in our power to resolve insolvency issues and manage the debtor out of the financial crisis to avoid liquidation.

From a creditor’s point of view, we fully understand the operation of a financial institution in recoveries division.

  • Liquidations & Sequestrations
  • Insolvencies and Insolvency Investigation
  • Diseased Estates
  • Management of business prior to liquidation


We have skilled and motivated staff who deals with debtors. Our collections department are very productive while maintaining good relationship with debtors. We provide quality services by telephone calls, SMS’s, emails and letters of demands.

Our main goal is to collect the money without using the legal process.

We do everything to collect the money for our client, before handing the matter to our litigation department.

We believe in continuous improvement and are constantly reviewing our processes, technology and strategies to ensure that they are optimal and best practice.

We also work on a no success no fee basis


We have a highly qualified team with extensive knowledge and experience in the property law.

  • Insolvent & Deceased Estate transfers
  • Mortgage and covering bonds
  • Sales and leasing of immovable property
  • Sectional title and township development
  • Notarial related matters


Our firm offers a full range of cost consulting services to our fellow colleges. We strive to provide the most professional, discreet and best services possible.

We have rapid turn-around times. We guarantee turn around time of delivery of a bill of cost within 7 business days from receipt of instruction.

Please download our pamphlet for more information on our services as well as our fee structures.


We have a highly qualified team with extensive knowledge and experience in the property law.

We provide a full spectrum of labour law services that includes the following

  • Unfair dismissal disputes
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Labour Litigation
  • Industrial Action
  • Retrenchments
  • Drafting of contracts
  • All matters encompassed with labour legislation
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Conciliation, mediation and arbitration services

We pride ourselves to represent our clients before the CCMA, Labour Court, High Court and various tribunals.

We endeavour to support our clients to align their business with the correct labour law practice and procedure.


We can assist our clients on the following areas

  • Bail applications (24-hour assistance)
  • Driving under the influence
  • Assault
  • Culpable homicide
  • Malicious injury to property
  • Domestic violence


Death is inevitable and it is hard when our loved once passes away. When your loved one passed away you are obligated to report the estate to the Master of the High Court, in the jurisdiction where the diseased resides within six weeks after the date of death.

We can assist you to deal with a decease estate

  • Winding up of the deceased estate
  • Estate Planning
  • Drafting of Last will and testaments
  • Deceased Estate administration
  • Registration of trusts


We can assist to save cost and time by providing mediation and arbitration services.

  • Mediation is used to assist parties to settle a dispute. This process is facilitated by a neutral third party called the mediator , who assist the parties to rediscover what triggered their dispute.  This is a more speedy and cost effective process.
  • Arbitration is where a neutral third parties is appointed to hear a dispute between parties. The hearing is informal and the parties mutually select the arbitrator. The arbitrator is retained to decide how to settle the dispute and the decision is final and binding on the parties. Arbitration is more cost efficient and quicker than litigation


We have a group of dedicated attorneys equipped to deal with all forms of Correspondent work.

We have a hand-on approach with all our matters under our care, and guarantee fast and efficient services.

We charge according to the relevant court’s fee structure

  • Pretoria Magistrate’s Court
  • Pretoria Regional Court
  • Pretoria North Magistrates Court
  • Pretoria High Court


The RAF provides a social security net to the country and the economy by providing compulsory social insurance cover to all users of SA roads and their families.We can assist with submission of RAF claims.

Antenuptial Agreements

At Pistorius Scheepers Attorneys we assist brides and grooms with one of the most important financial decisions of their lives by advising them on the best Antenuptial contract to fit their needs. We ask an all inclusive fee that includes the following:

  • Consultation with clients to advise on the marriage regimes 
  • Drafting of the Antenuptial Agreement of their choice; and
  • Registration of the Antenuptial Agreement
  • Marriage in Community of Property = one communal estate, with partners liable for each other’s debt. A marriage in community of property automatically takes place in the absence of a registered Marriage Contract (ante nuptial contract);
  • Marriage out of Community of Property without the Accrual = no profit or loss, without the concept of sharing;
  • Marriage Out of Community of Property with the Accrual = no profit or loss, with the concept of sharing.